Ukrainian Language Arts 10 / 20 / 30

This program is open to students who are presently registered in the Ukrainian Bilingual Program at St. Brendan School. Students not formerly enrolled in the bilingual program but who are sufficiently proficient in the language to gain entry at this level may do so only upon the consent of the teacher. As in previous years, students continuing in the program will be given numerous opportunities to improve their fluency in the Ukrainian language while developing key communicative and interactive skills. A wide variety of resources and activities are used to encourage language development. In addition, assorted topics and projects of a cultural nature are explored.

Ukrainian Religious Studies 15, 25 & 35

Students registered in the Ukrainian Language Arts Program are expected to register in Ukrainian Religious Studies. This stream is also open to non-Ukrainian Bilingual Program students who are of the Eastern Rite (Ukrainian Catholic or Ukrainian Orthodox) and who wish to fulfill their religious studies requirement from this perspective.

This course of studies follows the same curriculum as that of the regular Religious Studies program with emphasis given, where possible, to the Ukrainian Tradition. Students will also study the history, development, and status of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the world as part of the elective component of the Religious Studies program.

Note: The language of instruction in Ukrainian Religion Studies is primarily English.
* Ukrainian 35 may be used as a University entrance requirement in some faculties.