English 10-1, 20-1, 30-1

This program sequence is designed for students whose post-secondary plans include university study and/or a career that involves the development, production, teaching and/or study of literature and media.
Be sure to check post-secondary admission requirements to confirm if English 30-1 is required.

English 10-1 AP, 20-1 AP

These pre-AP courses will develop and refine students’ critical thinking abilities, including style analysis techniques and practice in analytical writing. Assessment will be the same as the dash-1 stream, although the literature studied may be different. These courses are recommended prior to taking English 30-1AP, but not mandatory.

English 30-1AP

Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition is a higher level, enriched program endorsed by the College Board. The course embodies higher level thinking and analysis skills; works of literary merit will be studied in detail, ranging from the medieval era to the modern period. As students prepare for the AP exam, they will also focus on specific writing forms including the critical analysis of prose and poetry. Students will write the AP exam in May, and depending on their result and post-secondary admission requirements, may be able to replace a first year English course.

English 10-2, 20-2, 30-2

This program sequence is designed for students who need more assistance in developing reading and text study skills. This strand features the study of text at a variety of different levels of sophistication for students more diverse in their aspirations.

English 10-4, 20-4, 30-4

Knowledge and Employability courses will be available to students who meet the criteria and have unique learning needs. These courses will provide students with opportunities to experience success and become well prepared for employment. Enrollment in these courses will include consultation with and the informed consent of parents/guardians and the student.