Students at Austin O’Brien High School participate in numerous sports at Junior and Senior levels each year. In order for athletes to realize all the benefits of school sports, the staff and volunteers work to provide a healthy, fun, safe and competitive environment where students can learn the rigor and discipline necessary for success.

Our athletes have the opportunity to improve their fitness, social, mental, emotional and academic well-being while taking pride in themselves as well as having respect for their opponents.

At Austin O’Brien we believe that athletics enables students to become more involved in the life of our school. Athletics can increase school spirit and give students the opportunity to support many teams and their school. Athletics also improve students' fitness levels and helps establish life-long participation in physical fitness activities.

Teamwork, cooperation, and leadership are several things students can learn from school sports. They can take these lessons into their everyday lives as well. When they build confidence on the sporting field, they are also building confidence for their futures. They will be able to work well with others in all other areas of life as well.

It's a common misconception that being both a student and an athlete is hard if not impossible. Participating in sports can actually have a positive impact on school. Sports force you to organize your time so that you can both go to practice and finish your homework. The key is finding a balance. If you can learn to organize your time then you can succeed in both!

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