Students at Austin O’Brien High School participate in numerous sports at Junior and Senior levels each year. In order for athletes to realize all the benefits of school sports , the staff and volunteers work to provide a healthy, fun, safe and competitive environment where students can learn the rigor and discipline necessary for success. Our athletes have the opportunity to improve their fitness, social, mental, emotional and academic well-being while taking pride in themselves as well as having respect for their opponents. At AOB we believe that athletics enables students to become more involved in the life of our school. Athletics can increase school spirit and give students the opportunity to support many teams and their school. Athletics also improve students' fitness levels and helps establish life-long participation in physical fitness activities. Teamwork, cooperation, and leadership are several things students can learn from school sports. They can take these lessons into their everyday lives as well. When they build confidence on the sporting field, they are also building confidence for their futures. They will be able to work well with others in all other areas of life as well. It's a common misconception that being both a student and an athlete is hard if not impossible. Participating in sports can actually have a positive impact on school. Sports force you to organize your time so that you can both go to practice and finish your homework. The key is finding a balance. If you can learn to organize your time then you can succeed in both!

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Spectator Code of

• Spectators, both student and adult, must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by positive cheers of encouragement for their team, not against the opposing team.
• Spectators must also show proper acceptance of the officials' judgment.
• Verbal abuse or foul language will not be tolerated.

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Mr. Pundyk is the Coach of the team and other staff may coach as well. Students (male and female) in grades 10, 11, and 12 can tryout.


Badminton is an individual sport but the efforts of each individual leads to building the overall points for the team. It is like badminton is done in Junior High.


Badminton tryouts occur in the latter part of February towards the end of Basketball season. Depending on gym availability tryouts may happen later in the evening. The season starts usually in March and depending on how we do can end in May. Listen to announcements and look for posters in the halls for details when we get closer to the season.


Badminton tryouts and practices will be held at AOB, but games will be at various schools within Edmonton.


Badminton is great at building hand eye coordination and you get to meet other athletes who may share the same passion you have for racquet sports.


Everyone is welcome to come and try out. Students are expected to be at all tryouts and must communicate any absences with the coach.



• All grades may play Senior basketball, selection is based on skill and experience
• Try-outs begin as soon as Volleyball season is over
• Practices are everyday after school
• Season runs from November - March
• Fitness training and spin classes as a team
• Only grade 10's and 11's can play Junior Basketball



Tryouts in September
Learn stunting, technique, motions and cheer. Be part of a new experience and make new friends.
For more information contact: Miss Jabbour or Miss Fedor 780-466-3161


Senior Team Key Features

• Three Time ASAA Provincial Champions! (2011, 2012, 2013)
• Have 14 Alberta Bowl all time Provincial Records
• Metro Rep for ASAA Provincials 14 times in the last 20 years
• Veteran Coaching staff with 100's of combined years experience
• Play in Division 1 CARR (Premier) Conference
• Have qualified for Division 1 Conference playoffs for 20 consecutive years
• All grades (depending on experience) are eligible to play
• Grade 10's CAN start on the Senior team and can be called up from the Junior team for playoffs
• Senior Spring camp schedule will be released as soon as the Midget League schedule is set
• Our Camp runs 4-6 weeks during May and June
• Camp practices and start times will be confirmed in April
• Camp will consist of practices, tournaments, jamboree's and exhibition games
• Spring camp will not interfere with Bantam Bowl or Summer game try-outs
• Fall practices are @ 3:30 everyday starting in late August
• Fall Season begins as early as August 17 and ends with the Provincial Final on the 3rd Saturday in November
• All necessary equipment is supplied (except football cleats)
• All you need is an AOB Crusader Commitment to be your best!

Junior Team Key Features

• No experience needed: just a desire to learn and work hard
• Only grade ten and eleven students are eligible to play Junior football
• Fall Camp fee is $20.00, equipment is supplied, each player will receive a t-shirt and a mouth guard
• Focus at camp will be on basic skill development
• Tackling, blocking, passing and running drills
• All players will be exposed to a variety of different playing positions
• Scrimmage at the end of camp
• Regular season practices/tri-outs begin August
• Practices are after school at AOB


Swimming is a competitive individual sport and yet you are part of a team. You will increase your mental and physical fitness, build character and have fun! You might learn things about yourself you never knew. Come on out for a fun-filled, athletically challenging, co-ed team. Enjoy the thrill of the race. Be part of the AOB Swim team!


• Open to all grades and abilities of swimming
• Season runs from the first Monday in October to the first week in December
• There are no try-outs. All who join are part of the team
• There are five competitions during the season, followed by the Metro League Championship in early December
• Practices are Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's (dryland) from 3:00-4:00pm at Hardisty Pool
• All you need is a positive attitude and commitment to work hard and have fun



• Open to all grades
• Both males and females can compete
• Season runs after Spring Break until the beginning of June
• Come on out and have fun!



• Open to all grade levels and fitness abilities
• Both males and females can compete
• Race on open-air courses over natural terrain across Edmonton
• Includes surfaces on grass and earth, pass through woodlands and open country and can include hills and flat ground
• Both an individual and team sport
• Runners are judged on individual basis and a points scoring method for teams
• Season begins in September and ends mid October with Provincials
• The school team competes in the Edmonton Journal Games in March



Mr. Turchansky and Mrs.Sdao-Wasylenko are the team coaches.


We are focused on teaching students how to curl and make some friends.


Curling starts in October. The season is broken into 3 sections. The first is a “learn to curl environment” with coaches on the ice to help. In November we go to regular season play. In January there is a tournament format to see who goes to provincials.


We curl out of the Ottewell Curling club. We bus you there but you must get a ride home. Games end around 5 to 5:30 on Tuesdays.


Listen to announcements in late September for team meeting times. All are welcome!