Spanish Bilingual Program

Spanish Language Arts 10, 20 & 30

The purpose of the program is to increase levels of student fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening which will lead to the development of effective communicators in the Spanish language. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to learn and use the language in meaningful, purposeful ways to meet their needs, interests, and abilities. The familiarization with the dynamic nature of Spanish culture through the various perspectives of historical elements, contemporary elements, diversity, and change is intended to be integrated with language learning.

As in previous years, students continuing in the program will be encouraged to improve their fluency in the Spanish language while developing various communicative and interactive skills. An extensive variety of resources and activities are used to encourage language development. Students enrolled in SLA 20 or SLA 30 have the opportunity to write the DELE exam which is a Spanish language competency exam provided in conjunction Spain’s ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

* Spanish 30 may be used a University entrance requirement in some faculties.

Film Appreciation 15 & 25 Spanish and Study of Film 35 Spanish

The Study of Film course is intended for students who wish to expand their knowledge of film and understanding of filmmaking. This course will provide students with more advanced and in-depth skills and experiences that will assist them in further developing their critical appreciation of film to become more informed consumers. Students will learn to be able to watch films in an entirely different way. These film classes provide students, in conjunction with SLA classes, an opportunity to further expand speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. The hope is to have students be inspired to create in a visual and written form by the films covered in each level of the course. Participation in the ECSD Film Fest is possible if a student’s film is selected.