"I enjoy the conversations and debates that we have, as well as our teacher who makes the class interesting."

"The fact that in social 30 the subject is quite mature, handling serious subjects. With that in mind I appreciate how we handled those subjects."

Social 10-1 / 20-1 / 30-1

This program stream sequence is designed for academic students who enjoy learning about global issues. Students in Social 10-1 explore the origins of globalization and its impact on the municipal, provincial, federal, and international levels of government. Social 20-1 students will explore the complexities of nationalism – its benefits and its drawbacks – as it occurs in Canada, and around the world. Students in Social 30-1 will explore the origins and complexities of ideologies, particularly the differences in and developments of both classical and modern liberalism. Successful completion of Social 30-1 is a requirement for entrance to most university, and some other post-secondary, programs.

Prerequisite: 60% in Grade 9 Social Studies

Social 10-2 / 20-2 / 30-2

This program sequence begins in Social 10-2 where students explore the history of globalization and its effects on all aspects of our world. Students in Social 20-2 examine historical and contemporary understandings of nationalism both in Canada and throughout the international community. In Social 30-2 students examine the origins, values, and components of competing ideologies. Students also study responses to capitalism, and the events these competing ideologies caused across the world.