Physical Education

Physical Education 10

Physical Education 10 is a required course for completion of an Alberta High School Diploma. The Physical Education 10 (3 credit) course is intended to foster the formulation of a healthy lifestyle while promoting social skills and values transferable to other areas of the students’ lives. The Physical Education (5 credit) course is ideal for students who want to challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

Physical Education 20

The Physical Education 20 program is developed around the philosophy of regarding the knowledge and skills necessary to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The instruction and activities focus on more advanced skills and strategies as well as personal goal setting. A prerequisite of 65% in Phys. Ed. 10 is required.

Physical Education 30

Students understand, experience, and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity with a greater focus on leadership and alternative environments outside of the regular classroom setting. The recommendation of a Physical Education 20 teacher is needed to register for this course. Physical Education can be used towards post-secondary entrance requirements.

Fitness and Wellness 10 / 20 / 30

This energetic course helps students learn about lifelong fitness, anatomy, sports specific training, injury management and overall wellness. Involving both academic components and personal fitness, it is ideal for students wanting to learn more about the human body and how to stay healthy. Students are expected to be highly motivated and must be dedicated to becoming a better athlete through performance enhancement training and by understanding the associated theory. Students will be evaluated on completing projects, tests, and training components. These courses provide a strong foundation for students who are interested in pursuing a post-secondary program in Kinesiology and Physical Education.

Sports Medicine 30

Sports Medicine focuses on the study of human movement and of systems, factors and principals involved in Sports Medicine and Kinesiology. Students will learn about the beneficial effects of physical activity on growth, development, health and performance. They will study the historical evolution of physical activity and sport and they will examine the factors that enable or constrain an individual’s participation in exercise and physical activity. This course offers students an opportunity to learn a wide variety of knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding the prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. This is done through a combination of theory and practical exposure to areas of sports science.

Fitness and Wellness 10 is a pre-requisite for Sports Medicine.

Yoga Fitness

Yoga Fitness courses offer students the opportunity to study yoga’s basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods. Students who complete this series of courses and continue to practice yoga outside of school will benefit by having improved spinal mobility and posture as well as increased flexibility and strength.

Students will learn and practice yoga as part of a fitness path that will help them develop their well-being and personal management skills which in turn will help them manage the various aspect of their lives. The focus of these courses will be to learn the various yoga poses and movement and, from these, learn to identify stress and how to use yoga to relax and maintain healthy physical balance.

Students will work on their physical fitness through yoga both as individuals and as a community thereby developing communication skills and, with the help of the yoga instructor, experience the benefits of using yoga to achieve a healthy active lifestyle.