Art 10, 20, 30

Art education is concerned with the observation, interpretation, and recording of the visual world. Alongside instruction in the use of traditional and contemporary tools, techniques, materials, and media, it involves creating art forms, becoming perceptive to the world around us, making qualitative judgments about art works, and responding to the culture we know.

Students explore the principles of design and through a wide variety of projects they compose both two- and three-dimensional images, become conversant with art criticism and study images in culture and culture exposed within images. Art basics are emphasized in Art 10 and in Art 20 they are refined and built upon through deeper exploration and practice of compositional skills. In Art 30 students are guided to develop a personal style and create a portfolio that demonstrates this.

Portfolio Art 35

This course is designed for students who are passionate about art making and plan to continue their art studies at a post-secondary art institution. Students will be introduced to professional portfolio making and presentation. They will have the opportunity to prepare a professional portfolio for the purpose of gaining entry into galleries and/or a post-secondary institution. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue advanced techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpture at an advanced level. Prerequisite: Art 30.


"Having the support of my teachers and fellow artists made the art room an environment where it was safe to experiment and push myself with the art I create. Looking back at the last three years, I am astonished by the growth I have made as an artist and that is all thanks to the amazing arts program and community AOB has built!”

“Art has truly helped me unleash my inner creativity. I loved the inviting environment and was able to accomplish so many amazing projects in a short period of time.”

“I would definitely recommend taking Art at AOB! I have been in art since grade 10 and have learnt many tips and tricks to get the most out of my work. All the supplies I have ever needed have been available for me, and inspiration/ideas are everywhere, from friends I have made, and kids in the class never talked to before. I was nervous of coming to a new school, but art class has been a lifesaver – I quickly made new friends – they were a year or two older, but some of the kindest people I’ve met, we still talk years later, and for that I’m grateful. Ms. Fehr has a welcoming aura and is always in a good mood, ready to lend a hand.”