Fine Arts


The Dance 15 / 25 / 35 course sequence offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of dance instruction while developing and refining their dance technique. Students will generate movement through structured choreography and unstructured improvisations. Jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop are some of the many genres of dance taught and refined in each course. Students will be given the opportunity to create and present choreography as well perform in other group dances.


“I enjoy dancing because it’s a way I can let my feelings go while dancing instead of having to speak it. Plus being able to come into your class every second day it’s always exciting and the vibes that are located in that room are immaculate, it’s such a safe place to be yourself.”

“Coming into the dance room was one of my favourite parts of the week! I was able to relax and be myself while being surrounded by people who were doing the same. Mrs. Lang makes dance so much fun and teaches you to truly love the art.”


Students explore how Drama is an art form and a form of personal expression that can play a major role in the development of the whole person: emotionally, imaginatively, aesthetically, and socially. This supportive, cooperative, and exciting program fosters positive group interaction, self-esteem and tolerance to others. Students develop theatrical skills and knowledge in various styles of acting, playwriting, technical theatre, theatre history and directing.

Film Studies

Students will learn to be able to watch film in an entirely different way. They will experience varying genres of film from the silent era to recent releases.

Film studies engages students in analysis of the history and evolution of technical and artistic aspects of filmmaking. While developing critical appreciation of the art and technology of film making, students are challenged to become creators and storytellers exploring this visual platform of communication.

Theatre Appreciation

This course introduces students to viewing and appreciating the many working parts of theatre. Students will watch a variety of six (6) performances and will attend pre-show lectures and work directly with theatre professionals. Through observation, guided reflection and discussion students develop a deeper understanding of the beneficial and important influence theatre has on society.

Theatre Appreciation has very flexible scheduling as it is taken at lunch and in the evenings while attending plays. You do not need to be enrolled in Drama to enroll in Theatre Appreciation.


“As someone who was heavily involved in dramatic productions and loved working in, watching, and being surrounded by film, I immediately knew that Film Appreciation was going to play a major role in my highschool experience. From getting to indulge in a plethora of movies, ranging from sci-fi’s, such as the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey and the breathtaking Interstellar, to some of the most well known westerns such as Shane or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Film Appreciation definitely wasn't a class to fall asleep in! It was full of engaging and passionate conversations about imagery, themes, and techniques with individuals that were excited to dissect movies. The final task of directing a scene or short film was extremely daunting to me at first, and embarrassingly still was until the day we handed it in! But getting hands-on experience to understand the process of creating a storyboard and pitch, as well as using a camera and the techniques we had studied all semester to embody the scenes we envisioned was so worthwhile. Looking back, the couple of weeks we spent planning and shooting our short film are honestly some of my favourite memories and I wish I could go back and relive them everyday. Not to mention the satisfaction of a finished project that you can show off to everybody! Taking Film Appreciation ultimately continued to fuel the passion I had for film, and inspired me to keep pursuing it in the future. Though it can seem scary and intimidating, I urge you to consider taking Film Appreciation if you have any interest in film or filmmaking because it is definitely worth it.”