"Being someone who had zero experience of coding, this course was surprisingly very easy. I got to sit beside my best friend, have a lot of fun and most importantly learn something new every day. The course is easy to understand, and we are lucky to have a fun and chill teacher. I am hoping to see more faces, especially more females and people of color."

Computer Science AP

This website has been coded by Computer Science AP students.

Computer Science courses teach students logical thinking and process-oriented skills that are valued by 21st century businesses. Students learn the skills to use foundational programming languages like Java and HTML. Students' progress using the individual developer environment process. This allows students to construct more sophisticated simulations and solve more advanced problems. Most importantly, the collaborative student driven projects encourage creativity and systematic reasoning while developing important mathematical and computational skills. Computer Science 20-AP students will be able to challenge the Computing Science AP exam, thereby giving them the opportunity to obtain credit for a university level Computing Science course while still in high school. Computer programming languages are universal. Students interested in careers in technology, business, science, mathematics, or any of the engineering disciplines should strongly consider computing sciences, especially given the evolving role that computer programming plays in these occupations.